From Charity Polo events, our signature Larapinta Tournament, to the prestigious Australian Open Polo, Larapinta Equestrian hosts many events throughout the polo calendar.

Upcoming Events

Whilst many people are familiar with horse racing, dressage and jumping, polo is one equestrian discipline that flies a little further under the radar. Polo is a fast sport played on horseback, using a mallet to hit a ball into a goal.

In field polo, there are typically four players on each team. Play is broken up into seven minute periods called chukkers, and riders change mounts after every chukker. During high goal matches—which normally consist of 6 chukka’s—polo ponies can run one or even two kilometres and therefore always given a respite after playing.

A polo field is an expanse of green grass nine times the size of a football field! Larapinta has two beautifully groomed fields and we host many events throughout the polo calendar. It is a day for the whole family to enjoy, with the event showcasing skill, passion and horsemanship.